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How much do ferrets cost? This question has been frequently asked by interested parties who are considering getting a pet ferret. But there are actually many possible answers to this question, depending on which angle you choose to see it. There are various price quotes for ferrets these days, but the most reliable would be one that will come in with the advantages, disadvantages or how’s and why’s of such pricing.

Average store or breeder ferret: $100
On to the safer side of things, a breeder ferret will cost you a hundred dollars or so, depending on the age, store quality and rarity of the breed in that particular region where you ordered it. The average store of breeder ferret will also give you the advantage of having more people to talk to about it because most people who own ferrets for the first time get it from stores and will be more than happy to share with you their discoveries. Since this is a popular choice, you will also get a popular response should you encounter problems with your regular breeder ferret in the future.

Premium breed ferret: $200 and up
A premium bred ferret will cost higher and will definitely have higher maintenance. Though at the outset all ferrets may seem to be made of the same stuff, you might have to have additional facts with your premium breed. Perhaps they are easier to train, de-musked by removal of glands or have other special tricks up their sleeve compared to the regular ferret. And as an owner, you might have to know all of these after you hand in your hard-earned $200.

Cage, Supplies: $100
Ferrets are creatures that you cannot just leave lying around in your house. They need cages, toys, and other supplies such as shower toiletries. The ferret is like a baby in some ways. You have to prepare for its coming and make sure it comes in complete with the right stuff. If you are really eager to provide the best care for your ferret, there is definitely a need to shell out regularly for cage, supplies and toys that will keep you in harmony with your ferret’s wants and needs.

Vaccinations: $100 and up
Health is wealth even for ferrets. Vaccinations will ensure that they will not acquire viruses or illnesses that easily. This will be your ally especially if you are still in the beginning stage of caring for your ferrets. You might not be able to closely monitor or instantly define what’s wrong, so an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Special Cases with the Vet: $300 per visit
There will also be cases where your pet ferret will undergo something major so you need to have at least $300 stashed somewhere for you to access should these things happen.

How much do ferrets cost? They are really expensive, especially if you factor in all the other priceless items such as your time, love, devotion and energy in caring for them.

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A study that increased transmissibility of H7N1 in ferrets prompted concerns over its "dual use" potential, reminiscent of controversial H5N1 studies published in 2012.

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